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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. What do your vehicle damage terms mean?

A. Here is our glossary of damage terms:

Lot Drives
When a vehicle will drive around a parking lot, but cannot be driven on public highways and roads until all the repairs are complete.
When a vehicle has rolled over heavily and damaged sides, posts and roof.
Light Rollover
When a vehicle has probably rolled over slowly or in grass or mud and has some good glass panels and minor or no post damage.
Recovered Theft
When a vehicle was missing for more than 30 days and the insurance company was forced to pay a full claim to the owners. Vehicle is later recovered and sold as salvage or clear title depending on amount of damage.
Drive Home/Ready To Go
When a vehicle is roadworthy but possibly still damaged slightly.
Recovered Theft
When a vehicle has been stolen and recovered with parts missing (these are not accident vehicles)
When a vehicle has been underwater or subjected to water for a period of time, water affects different components in different ways depending on the amount of time exposed and the depth of the water in the vehicle.
Q. Can you give me an overview on vehicle titles?

A. Each state has various rules regarding vehicle titles. Make sure you understand the issues related to a given type of title within your state prior to purchasing a vehicle with anything other than a clean title.

Vehicle title is determined from the legal status of the title, obtained from either a statement by the seller or from the actual title document. NOTE: vehicle history records may exist in 3rd party databases (CarFax, etc.) or other external sources, which HAVE NOT altered the legal status of the vehicle title!

Clean Title
A clean title, or clear title, is assigned to a vehicle with no previous salvage notations. Please note that some clean or clear titles may have a salvage history. To check the history of your vehicle please visit CARFAX.COM
Salvage (Rebuildable)
A salvage title is assigned to a vehicle that has been salvaged but can be repaired. The vehicle may be retitled and resold but will carry this notation. Many states have sub-classes of salvage such as: Fire, Vandalism, Collision, Theft or Flood.
Rebuilt Title/Damaged Title
A general term for a vehicle that has been reconstructed or rebuilt and will carry a salvage history. Usually these types of titles will have some type of "rebuilt" brand on the title.
Flood Title
This is a variation of a clean title for a vehicle that sustained water damage as a result of a flood. Usually these types of titles will have some type of "flood" or "f" brand on the title.
Scrap/Junk Title (Unrebuildable)
A Scrap title is assigned to a vehicle that has been declared a total loss resulting from Fire, Vandalism, Collision, Theft, Flood or other occurrence that CANNOT be repaired. Due to excessive damage it is saleable only as parts. The vehicle can never be re-titled or re-registered.
Bill of Sale
This term denotes an unrebuildable vehicle. Vehicles possessing a Bill of Sale cannot be exported.
Certificate of Destruction
A variation of the scrap/junk title. The vehicle is useful only as parts or raw materials.


Q. Do you sell clean title vehicles?

A. Yes. We sell both clean and salvage title vehicles. The clean titled vehicles are usually not damaged or have very little damage. The salvage title vehicles usually need to go through some sort of inspection before they can be put back on the road again. Please check with you local department of vehicles on these laws for they vary in every state.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, we have delivery available through our contracted carriers at a discounted rate. Please call AJN Transport (989) 723-6906 for any shipping quotes. When calling make it clear that you are buying from Motor Car Export in Brighton, MI for proper pricing.

Q. Do you sell parts?

A. YES! We can locate and stock used auto parts in our business. We mostly carry engines, cabs, transmissions, frames and some interior.

Q. What exactly is a salvage title?

A. Technically this is when an insurance company obtains a vehicle due to a claim, the State issues a salvage title if the damage estimate was greater than 70% of the vehicles total value. The insurance adjuster usually determines these vehicles title's status. Generally these vehicles are not damaged any worse than our clean titled vehicles. In our opinion it is just a matter of paper work, its more justifiable to issue a salvage title and be done with it, than explain why a clear title vehicle was totaled out.

Q. Who buys rebuildable vehicles?

A. Most purchasers are repair shops, body shops, and individuals around the entire world. Everyday people with some repair knowledge of cars and trucks that have worked on vehicles at some point buy from us all the time.

Q. Who fixes rebuildable vehicles?

A. Body shops and garages can fix most rebuildable vehicles. In some cases, individuals fix their own vehicles, especially if there is no structural damage to consider during the repair process.

Q. Where do you get rebuildable vehicles?

A. Most of our rebuildable vehicles are purchased from insurance companies and salvage auctions. Some vehicles are purchased from other auto dealers, and directly from individuals.

Q. How much will it cost to repair my rebuildable vehicle?

A. We do not provide repair estimates - our advice is to show images of the vehicle to the person who would normally repair a vehicle for you. If the repairer wants to speak to us directly, we'll gladly try to help answering any enquiry.

Q. How often do you get more vehicles in?

A. We buy vehicles Monday through Friday. They usually arrive at our facility within a couple days from purchase.

Please call to find out what was bought today!

Q. Are there any warranties or guarantees offered with rebuildable vehicles?

A. Yes our ready to go vehicles are almost always sold with a warranty serviced by us. Please Note - All repairable vehicles (not completely repaired) are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty, expressed or implied by Motor Car Export, except as to ownership of the vehicle and the information we have about the vehicle from the title and insurance company. Please inspect the vehicles carefully before you finalize your purchase. We strive to be as accurate as possible about the damage description of our repairable vehicles.

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